1. Jgn lupa bikin laporan pertanggungjawabannya yaa.. :) [repath: Kathy] – View on Path.

  2. #sebelumtidur – View on Path.

  3. Ini gak cuma gue doang kan yang diundang ke nikahan temen terus minta disediain partner kondangan sama si calon mempelai?? :))) – View on Path.


  4. For Papap

    Hey pap. I’m tired. I’m scared. I’m sad. I’m broken into pieces. Please be happy, the show must go on and you are the main lead. Your happiness could cheer up some people around you pap. Let’s move on, let’s minggle. I know somewhere there’s the right person for you, pap.

  5. But I have sooo much time for being sleepy all day long.. #apeu #gaknyambung #yamaap #namanyajugalagingantuk :))) – View on Path.


  6. Thought via Path

    "Real happiness is when you can accept that life isn’t always that happy and yet you still choose to smile and move on." ~ Diana Rikasari #wejangansiang – Read on Path.

  7. Sometimes it just happened like that.. :)

    (via teenscanrelate-me)

  8. Yuuk ahh yang susah move on.. :) #wejanganmalam #sebelumtidur [Repath: Dhea] – View on Path.

  9. This kind of attention.. :’)
    Thx papap, I’m already sleepy right now.. :))

  10. Baby elephaaaant!!! *peluk gemes* :)))) – View on Path.